Top Dolphin Mattresses In The State Of Ohio

Buy or rent a Dolphin mattress at an affordable rate from the Dolphin Store. Provide your patients with excellent care as they experience the Dolphin Fluid Immersion Simulation (FIS) system.

What Sets Dolphin Mattresses Ohio Apart

Over 64,000 patients each year experience the innovative technology that is Dolphin mattresses. It’s designed to promote patient comfort, maintain a proper microclimate, and reduce pressure points across the body. 

Patients are “floated” on the mattress/pad that’s regulated by a computer, resulting in it readjusting and adjusting as needed. It creates a unique patient profile based on the person’s weight and contour. The computer receives data every 11 seconds and makes adjustments as needed. 

The result is patients having their pressure pain alleviated, the number of their pressure sores decreased, and more sustained blood flow. Some additional benefits of Dolphin mattresses include:

Continuity of Care: The mattresses are entirely portable and only weigh 10 pounds. That makes it easy for one or two people to move the mattress as needed. The internal 12-volt battery will last for up to four hours, ensuring your patients continue to receive care if you’re moving them around. 

Optimal Comfort: Dolphin mattresses are designed with patients’ comfort in mind. They stimulate blood tissue circulation and relieve soft tissue strain. Your comforts will experience uninterrupted sleep as their comfort is maximized. 

Fluid Immersion Simulation System: The mattress surrounds a patient with air, adjusting the pressure on every part of their body to be less than 32mmHg. 

Superior and Advanced Technology: The internal technology will measure a patient’s contour and weight accurately, adjusting every 11 seconds as needed.

How Does the Technology Work?

Utilizing complex and technical algorithms and a small microprocessor, a Dolphin mattress adjusts the surfaces and optimizes them for each individual patient’s anatomical features. The microprocessor calculates the settings the mattress needs to simulate the “floating” sensation for patients. As patients reposition, the system will continually adjust so they stay comfortable. 

All a caregiver has to do is turn on the Dolphin FIS system before putting a patient on the mattress. This eliminates the need for in-depth training. It also reduces the amount of time a caregiver needs to make a patient comfortable. They can focus on overall care for the patient.

Where Did the Technology Come From?

For countless decades, the US Navy has used trained dolphins for underwater reconnaissance. Tragically, when the dolphins were taken out of the water and transported, they started to die. Examinations were conducted post-mortem in order to identify the cause of death. It was determined that internal organ trauma and circulatory distress was the cause of the dolphins passing away. They experienced crushing injuries due to vertical shear force and gravity exerting pressure on their internal organs and tissues. 

The engineers who were a part of the US Navy began developing an innovative support system that would replicate buoyancy during a dolphin’s transportation. The goal was to recreate the natural habitat for the dolphins. The technology they developed has been released for commercial use. Dolphin mattresses utilize this technology, giving patients buoyancy support while promoting wound care.

What Sets Dolphin Technology Apart from Air Therapy

Dolphin technology provides patients with advanced, unmatched wound care therapy. The mattresses can be used in hospitals, long or short-term care facilities, or even at home. Coupled with its unique features that prevent further injury and promote a speedy recovery, Dolphin mattresses are the ideal solution for complex wound prevention and care. 

The Dolphin technology gives patients better outcomes than air fluidized therapy as it seeks to address broader challenges. This includes caregiver injuries, readmission rates, and overall care costs. 

Other immersion and floatation systems that are based on large quantities of airflow generate heat as a result. This can cause an increase in water loss. Compromised microclimate or dehydration is an unfortunate cause of this type of mattress or pad. 

With a Dolphin mattress, it comes equipped with an auto firm feature. This allows for easier transfer and repositioning of patients, reducing the number of caregiver injuries. All mattresses come equipped with an integrated backup battery. The mattresses continue to work while a patient is being transported or during a power outage.

Complete Range of Dolphin Products In Ohio

Standard Dolphin Mattress

Rent or buy a Dolphin mattress from our online store. Dolphin mattresses are extra-wide, measuring 42″ inches. This reduces fall risk by up to 37% in comparison to a traditional 35″ mattress. The mattress fits easily into existing bed frames. It fits bariatric, ICU, or Med/Surg frames, reducing your need to purchase unnecessary frames. 

Pediatric Immersion Advanced Therapy Surfaces

The pediatric options come in either a crib or a pediatric-sized bed. The mobile system is easy to use and provides wound therapy treatment options for pediatric patients who are clinically complex. The FIS system works seamlessly, even for your smallest of patients.

Wheelchair Cushions

Dolphin wheelchair cushions are the perfect solution for protecting patients who are at risk or have existing wounds while they’re seated. The cushion has a 12-hour battery life, allowing for active therapy for those who are seated. As a caregiver, you also don’t have to worry about the battery running out while you’re transporting a patient. The cushion can fit standard, motorized, or stationary wheelchairs.

Each Dolphin mattress system will measure the characteristics of each individual patient to create a unique profile, immersing them in a buoyant state. The immersion properties of the mattress are great for treating pressure ulcers, grafts, and skin flaps. The patient’s blood flow will increase, resulting in improved wound and pressure sore healing. 

Our store carries Dolphin mattresses, pediatric immersion advanced therapy surfaces, and wheelchair cushions. No matter what your patients’ needs are, you’ll find a solution at the Dolphin Store. 

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