Medical Grade Dolphin Mattress 

The Dolphin FIS (Fluid Immersion Simulation) Mattress System is designed to gently float patients on a medical-grade mattress, preventing pressure ulcers and treating sores. The inventive FIS technology automatically readjusts and adjusts at various pressure points depending upon the contour and weight of each unique patient.

Dolphin Mattresses


Continuity of Care:

The mattress only weighs 10 pounds, making it easy to move around as needed. The internal 12 volt DC battery lasts for up to four hours. Patients can continue to experience the benefits of a Dolphin mattress even when they’re being moved.

Fluid Immersion Simulation:

With a Dolphin mattress, the patient will be surrounded by air. It adjusts the pressure on every part of their body to less than 32mmHg.

Superior Technology:

The patient’s contour and weight will be accurately measured. Every 11 seconds, the mattress will respond to data and readjust as needed.

Variety of Options:

Dolphin mattresses are available in standard, pediatric, and bariatric models. You can also purchase or rent stretched or wheelchair configurations.

Ultra-Wide Mattress:

The mattress’s 42″ expanded width reduces fall risk by up to 37% compared to a traditional 35″ wide bed. The mattress and frame can be transformed to fit any type of room or configuration.

Economical and Affordable Solution: A Dolphin mattress fits easily into your existing equipment to protect your investment. The mattress will fit in most be frames, including Bariatric, Med/Surg, and ICU. They also help ensure continually wound care in a cost-effective way. With Dolphin Store, you have the option to buy or rent a mattress depending upon your needs.

Optimum Comfort: The mattress helps maintain proper tissue symmetry in order to alleviate pressure pain, sustain blood flow, and reduce the number of pressure sores. Additionally, the mattress will stimulate blood circulation in the body’s tissues and relieve soft tissue strain. It maximizes patient comfort so they can experience uninterrupted sleep.

Why Choose a Dolphin Mattress

The Dolphin mattress technology simulates the effect of a patient being immersed in a fluid. This allows for advanced healing and therapy. The system will measure the characteristics of each individual patient as they lay on the mattress. This creates a unique immersion profile based on their repositioning, surface area, and weight. Since the profile is created for each individual person, the patient is “immersed” in a nearly buoyant state.¬†

A Dolphin mattress eliminates the shear forces and pressure points you’d gradually begin to experience on a normal mattress. The immersion properties are best suited for treating pressure ulcers, grafts, and skin flaps. Normal blood flow is maintained with minimal tissue deformation. This results in wound healing being accelerated and improved.