Alternating Pressure Mattress

The Dolphin Alternating Air Pressure Mattress is a bed-mounted, breathable bed that alleviates painful pressure on the patient’s body.  An alternating pressure mattress is designed to help prevent bedsores for people who are confined to bed for prolonged periods.

How Do Alternating Pressure Mattresses Work?

An alternating pressure mattress is made of multiple air chambers that are rotated by a pump. These chambers are horizontally positioned and support the weight of the person sleeping on the bed. When the pump deflates one of the air chambers, another one is inflated to relieve pressure. This means that different areas of the body experience varying amounts of pressure, making the mattress more comfortable for those with pressure sores.

This unit has a digital compressor pump that is exceptionally quiet. Designed for patients who are unable to move, the Dolphin Air Pressure Mattress can support up to 350 pounds and is comfortable for those who are bedridden or have limited mobility. It is a lightweight, comfortable option that supports up to 350 pounds.

What Are The Benefits Of AN Alternating Pressure Mattress?

This type of bed can also be used to prevent the formation of bedsores in patients who cannot move around much. The alternating pressure surface helps to redistribute pressure throughout the body and keeps the skin healthy. A patented Drive Medical Alternating-Pressure mattress is the only one with the on-demand Low-Air-Loss technology to laterally transfer the occupant by as much as 40 degrees.

These dynamic mattresses improve blood flow and circulation in the body by optimizing pressure redistribution throughout the body.

It prevents skin breakdown, a common complication of bed-bound adults. By stimulating the blood flow in these areas, alternating pressure mattresses help reduce the risk of bedsores. The overlapping air cylinders in an alternating pressure mattress are placed parallel to each other and rotate in a sequence.

The mattress is is designed to provide varying levels of pressure. This type of bed is ideal for people with a range of medical conditions and is lightweight compared to other options.

In addition to providing varying degrees of support, an alternating-pressure mattress is also able to accommodate more hospital beds. If you’re worried about the weight of a traditional bed, an alternating pressure mattress is a great choice for you.

The mattress is a hybrid mattress that has two distinct layers of air. The entry-level mattress has air cells that are inflated and deflated at random. This unique system allows the patient to choose the firmness of the alternating air cells. The deflated cells are replaced with new ones that are designed for long-term use. The alternating-pressure mattress is also an excellent option for those who need a hospital bed.

In addition to a dual-pressure design, an alternating-pressure mattress can be set to static or alternating-pressure modes. The varying air pressure between the two types of mattresses helps the body to recover more quickly. The dual-pressure mattress is also a good option for people who have difficulty moving around. An alternating-pressure mattress is a great option for people with a chronic health condition. It is designed to be comfortable for both the patient and the caregiver.

The alternating-pressure mattress pad is an excellent solution for patients with a moderate-to-high risk of developing bedsores. It can be used on a standard mattress or hospital bed and works by using a handheld pump to distribute air between the alternating pressure zones. In addition to the alternating-pressure function, this mattress also helps the patient to breathe. It helps the patient to recover from a severe illness by allowing the body to rest in a comfortable position.

An alternating-pressure mattress works by adjusting the pressure on the top and bottom. As the name suggests, an air mattress is inflated and deflated overtime. It is ideal for seniors with serious health concerns, who may experience a stiff neck or aches after waking up. It also helps in preventing the development of pressure sores. If you’re concerned about your health, consider using an alternating-pressure mattress to improve your sleep.