Learn More About the Dolphin Mattress Company

The Dolphin Mattress Company’s innovative Fluid Immersion Simulation (FIS) gives patients advanced care. They’re focused on the gold standard of care for patients with complex wounds. The mattress gives patients pressure redistribution by providing a fluid-like simulation. 

Read on to learn more about the company that’s revolutionizing patient care.

About Us

Focused on Comfort, Healing, and Restoration of Wound Care Patients

More than 64,000 patients each year use a mattress from the Dolphin Mattress Company. The mattress surface is designed to measure the characteristics of each patient. This creates a unique immersion profile that puts the patient in a near buoyant state. 

The FIS floats patients on a pad that automatically readjusts and adjusts on various pressure points. It does this based upon the patient’s contour and weight. This alleviates pressure pain, sustains blood flow, and reduces the number of pressure sores on the patient’s body. Dolphin mattresses are the only one of their kind. They provide therapy and comfort to patients in long-term care environments.


Where It All Began

The US Navy, for decades, has trained dolphins to participate in underwater reconnaissance. When the dolphins are taken out of the water, they, unfortunately, start to die. Examinations of the dolphin’s post-mortem revealed that circulatory distress because of internal organs trauma was the cause of death. Vertical shear force and gravity exerting pressure resulted in crushing injuries to the dolphins. 

Engineers in the US Navy started developing a support system for the dolphins. They wanted to replicate buoyancy while the dolphins were being transported. This enabled them to recreate a dolphin’s natural habitat. The technology developed by the US Navy was released for commercial use. The Dolphin Mattress Company is proud to take this technology and use it to provide comfort and therapy to patients everywhere. 

The Dolphin Mattress Difference

Patients suffer from extreme pressure injuries each year. These injuries are worsened by decreased perfusion, impaired mobility, and edema. Oftentimes significant intervention is required when a patient gets to that point. 

More patients with pressure ulcers and other wounds continue to enter inpatient rehabilitation or skilled nursing facilities. There is a need for Dolphin FIS therapy systems. Facilities of all kinds and their patients need the therapeutic benefits the mattresses have to offer. 

Dolphin mattresses are fully autonomic and easy to use. The program receives data every 11 seconds and adjusts all on its own. This promotes sustainable long-term care in a variety of settings, including at-home care. 

The technology behind Dolphin mattresses is innovative. It gives care providers a solution for wound care challenges. It addresses the forces and soft tissue strain applied by traditional mattresses and support surfaces. The technology is based on a single notion. Have the surface conform to a person’s body rather than the body having to conform to the surface.