Alleviate pain and accelerate healing with the Dolphin Mattress

Innovative technology allows patients to “float” on a mattress that automatically adjusts every 11 seconds to reduce pressure points and increase comfort.

How it Works

Turn on the Dolphin mattress

No caregiver training

Dolphin optimizes the mattress

A small microprocessor calculates settings to simulate floating

Dolphin automatically adjusts

Computer receives data every 11 seconds to adjust for patient movement

It’s that simple to alleviate pressure, increase comfort, and improve healing

Our Products

Standard Dolphin Mattress

Fits standard bedframes, multiple sizes available, only 10lb for easy transport

Pediatric Immersion Advanced Therapy Surfaces

Crib or pediatric-size beds to help even the smallest patients

Wheelchair Cushions

Protects patients from wounds while seated, 12-hour battery

Each Dolphin mattress system will measure the characteristics of each individual patient to create a unique profile, immersing them in a buoyant state. The immersion properties of the mattress are great for treating pressure ulcers, grafts, and skin flaps. The patient’s blood flow will increase, resulting in improved wound and pressure sore healing. 

Our store carries Dolphin mattresses, pediatric immersion advanced therapy surfaces, and wheelchair cushions. No matter what your patients’ needs are, you’ll find a solution at the Dolphin Store. 

Buy or rent – flexible options to suit your needs

Investing in medical-grade equipment that improves outcomes can be affordable. We offer rental
options to minimize upfront costs and make this innovative floating immersion technology more
accessible to those who need it.

How 64,000 patients a year benefit from Dolphin mattresses

Customized pressure relief

Advanced technology simulates fluid immersion to continually reduce pressure for every individual and body part

Faster healing

By stimulating circulation, soft tissue strain is relieved for more comfort, fewer pressure sores, and better sleep

Continuous care

Portable, lightweight mattresses with long-lasting batteries ensure continuous relief even when in transport

Cost-effective solution

Mattresses fit into existing equipment in a variety of sizes with rental options available

How Does the Technology Work?

Utilizing complex and technical algorithms and a small microprocessor, a Dolphin mattress adjusts the surfaces and optimizes them for each individual patient’s anatomical features. The microprocessor calculates the settings the mattress needs to simulate the “floating” sensation for patients. As patients reposition, the system will continually adjust so they stay comfortable. 

All a caregiver has to do is turn on the Dolphin FIS system before putting a patient on the mattress. This eliminates the need for in-depth training. It also reduces the amount of time a caregiver needs to make a patient comfortable. They can focus on overall care for the patient.


I’ve been amazed by the Dolphin mattress. Its smart technology, using algorithms and a microprocessor, customizes my sleeping surface to my body’s specific needs, offering an incredible ‘floating’ sensation. It adjusts in real-time as I move, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the night. This mattress isn’t just a place to sleep; it’s a personalized recovery system that understands and adapts to me. It’s transformed my sleep and recovery experience.

Eric Johnson

The Dolphin mattress system has been a game-changer for my recovery, offering personalized comfort and superior treatment for pressure ulcers and wounds. Its unique immersion technology not only relieved pressure but also significantly improved my blood flow, accelerating healing. This mattress is not just about comfort; it’s a therapeutic tool that genuinely aids in recovery. Highly recommended for anyone facing similar health issues.

Linda Smith

I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of the Dolphin FIS system on caregiving. The simplicity of just turning on the system before placing a patient on the mattress has revolutionized how care is provided. There’s no need for extensive training, which means I can direct more attention and time towards the comprehensive care of my patients, rather than adjusting their bedding. This ease of use not only enhances patient comfort quickly but also allows me to focus on their overall well-being. The Dolphin mattress is a game-changer in patient care, making comfort and care more efficient and effective.

Michelle Gordon


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